Hey again everyone, I leafed through my resources and felt these info graphics might would help as well. I have heard reports of restaurants and some stores being forced to close, and many are cut off from their vehicles. I do not recommend carrying any sort of weapon (these graphics are made with outdoor survival in mind) as the police would use it as an excuse to advance on the hierarchy of force ( a rule set in place that dictates when officers can use what kind of force, obviously they are only loosely using it at the moment) 

Many protesters may not be able to get to their cars or get home and if you are going to be out all night these graphics will help you pack a kit to take with you and maximize efficiency as you carry it. 

Also the MRE, Cliff Bar, and camp stove guides will help you stock up on items you can carry and share for those who are hungry.  A CAVEAT: The campstove might be seen as a incendiary device so use away from police in a safe non-flammable area.

Lastly If you are looking to buy a gas mask. Many construction respirators will work, however, you can buy a surplus Czech M10 gas mask and replacement filters for about 25-30 bucks ( the mask with two filters is usually  15-18 bucks). I own one and can explain how to use it if needed. Stay safe and be careful.


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